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Practicing artist working in many media such as painting, acrylics, oils, and watercolor. Cooked plant fiber (hand made paper such as cooked pineapple, cooked iris and gladiolas etc. Works also in ceramics, such as marbleized glazes, heads, painted clothing and direct monotype manholes. He is an expert in these mediums, with demos offered.

My working method is anticipatory preparatory which means that I work is a series of surface prepared layered images of color, shapes, forms, words, collage. Collaged bits of printed images as an under layering surfaces. These surfaces are left laying around for a while, then I take them and work ideas and images layered over them. It may take years to complete a work. The works are intended to be serious, and of blue chip direction and quality. They are aimed at challenging the higher intelligence and emotional attitudes of human beings in order to embrace the whole gamut of human experience and expression.

My work aims to be of a quality in the class of the likes of Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst, of course Picasso, De Kooning, Rothko, Warhol, Murakami, Koons, and Keith Haring. Brice Marden is a great influce on my work and my aspiration is to be in galleries such as David Zwirner, Larry Gagosian, Cheim & Read, Pace Galleries, John Berggruen, Modernism and Saatchi. The artist sees his manhole cover street art and his painted clothing that he wears daily as performance art. It ilicits dramatic reactions from the public and from the police. Anticipatory prepatory is the artists own intellectual term.